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A journey of Faith, Family and Service

As we commemorate the 40th anniversary of Bert’s Service Centre, it’s a time to reflect
on the journey that began with a passion for automobiles and a dream. Bert, fueled by
his love for hot rods and automotive craftsmanship, took the leap and opened his own
shop in August of 1984. Supported wholeheartedly by his wife, Dinah, he embarked on
a journey that would define generations to come.

For Bert, starting the business was a natural progression. With a background in
part-time work in the field and a burgeoning collection of tools and equipment, he seized
the opportunity to turn his passion into a full-time endeavor. Securing a loan from the
bank provided the necessary resources to kickstart Bert’s Service Centre, laying the
foundation for decades of success.

The early days were not without their challenges. Operating without an official license
posed obstacles, but Bert’s commitment to excellence saw him through. With the
addition of licensed technicians like Bill Stanners and later Henry Oosterveld, the
business gained momentum. In November of 1985, Bert obtained his Automotive
Certificate of Qualification, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the shop.

Since those formative years, Bert’s Service Centre (now known as Bert’s Auto and Tire)
has undergone significant transformations as well as many other valued employees
throughout the years (maybe this isn’t the spot here for this but we want to mention
somewhere about all of our past employees not just to give Bill Stanners/Henry
Oosterveld solo recognition) Embracing advancements in technology, the
implementation of computerized organization and invoicing systems streamlined
operations. Innovations such as bank machines for payments and a shift to immediate
payment upon completion of vehicle services reflected a commitment to efficiency and
customer convenience.

As the torch passes to the next generation, Jeff and Rob, the legacy of Bert’s Service
Centre continues to thrive. Their journey into the family business was serendipitous,
being in and around the shop as kids “helping out” with chores and eventually starting
as a temporary gig after high school that blossomed into a lifelong dedication. Jeff’s
expertise as a licensed technician and Rob’s proficiency in business management
brought new dimensions to the shop.

The transition from one generation to the next was marked by a blend of tradition and
innovation. While embracing modern technologies and evolving industry standards, the
core values instilled by Bert remained unwavering. Community, faith, and service
continue to be the guiding principles shaping every interaction at Bert’s Service Centre.

Reflecting on the journey, Jeff and Rob express gratitude for the opportunity to carry on
the family legacy. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with a deep respect for the
values instilled by their parents, ensures that Bert’s Service Centre remains a beacon of
integrity and quality in the automotive industry.

As we celebrate 40 years of excellence, we honor the past, embrace the present, and
look forward to a future filled with continued success and unwavering dedication to our
customers and community.

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