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Seasonal tire changeover

When to Book a Seasonal Tire Changeover

Waiting too long to book your tire changeover puts you at risk of:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency—Using winter tires in warm weather creates extra rolling resistance, forcing your engine to work harder to propel your vehicle, while summer tires tend to spin on snow and ice, spiking your engine’s RPM and fuel consumption.
  • Shortened tread life—In warm weather, the special rubber compounds used in snow tires get too soft, putting more rubber on the road than intended and shredding your treads.
  • Higher insurance costs—In Ontario, drivers who use snow tires in winter are eligible for insurance discounts, but only if the tire changeover is completed on time.
  • Collisions and loss of control—Using snow tires in winter can reduce stopping distance by 30-40%. According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, more than 80% of drivers feel that their snow tires prevented one or more collisions in 2021. Similarly, all-season tires improve braking distances, responsiveness, and cornering on wet and dry roads in warm temperatures.

To maximize your fuel efficiency, tread life, insurance savings, and road safety—and avoid long lineups and potential supply shortages—you should book your winter tire changeover as soon as temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, then switch back to your summer or all-season set after the spring thaw, once temperatures climb back above this threshold.

In Guelph, ON, that means most drivers book their winter tire changeover in October, then switch back to their summer or all-season set in May. But it’s always best to consult your thermometer—not your calendar—to know when to book.

Simplify Seasonal Tire Changeover with Bert’s Auto and Tire

No matter when tire changeover season arrives, our certified experts will be standing by to help.

To simplify your service and save you money on tire changeovers, we offer:

  • One-stop seasonal tire changeover services, with tire inspection, removal, mounting, installation, storage, rotations, alignments, and more, all available under one roof
  • An extensive tire catalog for quick replacements and tire upgrades
  • Official tire rebates and exclusive shop promotions
  • An 8-bay state-of-the-art service and repair facility, equipped with the latest technology, equipment, and tools, to eliminate long lineups and service delays
  • Certified expertise, with all tire changeover techs having completed the training and testing requirements of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

Book a Seasonal Tire Changeover Service in Guelph, ON

Since 1984, Bert’s Auto & Tire has helped drivers stay safe, save on insurance, and cut fuel costs with fast and easy tire swap services, and we can do the same for you!

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