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Automotive Batteries

Car Battery Repair Near Me in Ariss, ON

Without a car battery, your vehicle doesn’t work. Car batteries are important and if your vehicle’s battery is dead, malfunctioning, or underperforming, you need to have it repaired or replaced or you will experience on-going issues with starting your car.

If you’ve been experiencing any electrical problems with your vehicle, you’ve probably been searching, “car battery change near me”, “how to change a car battery”, “car battery repair near Ariss”, or something similar. Bert’s Tire & Auto can help.

“Can I get my car battery changed near me in Ariss?”

Yes, you can. Bert’s Tire & Auto offers battery changes and repairs to drivers in and around Ariss, Ontario.

If your car battery dies, with what battery should you replace it? The exact same one, or can you do better? Here’s what you should know about your vehicle’s battery, you often must pay more for higher battery capacity, battery life, and length of battery warranty. But it’s also important to know which battery is best suited to your vehicle. Bert’s technicians will check your battery and your charging system to see if we can prevent battery issues from arising in the future.

What makes for a good replacement battery?

Changing a car battery is a relatively simple process. Nevertheless, it helps to know a few things about batteries first. Look for a replacement battery that;

  • Meets or exceeds the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Will sit properly in the battery tray. If it doesn’t fit properly, the battery will likely get damaged from too much vibration.
  • Provides the largest-possible capacity, especially if you drive in the extreme cold. This is when it comes to winter driving in Ariss. The more the temperature drops below zero, the less effective a battery usually is. If a typical battery is operating at 100% of its cranking power at 27ºC, by the time you get down to -18ºC, it will have lost about 40% of its power, even if it was fully charged.
  • Has a sufficient Reserve Capacity (RC). The RC determines how long accessories can run while leaving enough power to start the engine.

The paradoxes of modern batteries

Today’s vehicles are more efficient than they’ve ever been, but they’re also a lot harder on batteries than older vehicles were. This is due to their high number of internal systems. It’s prudent to schedule regular maintenance to keep your battery and your vehicle’s electronic functions in working order.

Furthermore, while batteries’ cranking power decreases in colder temperatures, warm temperatures are also hard on batteries. Extra heat, air conditioning, and stressful conditions for engines wear on batteries just as much as extreme cold temperatures.

Bert’s Tire & Auto offers battery repair near you in Ariss, Ontario.

There’s no need to keep searching, “car battery change near me”. If you live in or around the Ariss area, Bert’s Tire & Auto offers all the car battery services you could need.

To book an appointment to change your battery or repair it, or any of your vehicle’s charging components, please click here. To learn more about your car’s battery or other various electrical components, or about any of our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call 226-314-1034

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