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Fluid Exchange

Fluid Exchange Service in Guelph, ON

Your automobile requires several fluids to operate properly. Internal-combustion engines need engine oil, or motor oil, transmissions need transmission fluid or oil, brakes and power steering need hydraulic fluid. And, of course, you need windshield wiper fluid to keep your windshield clear or all that accumulates on it as you drive.

All these fluids need to be topped up and sometimes changed and even flushed. If you’re concerned about one or more of the fluids in your vehicle, you might be searching, “transmission fluid change near Guelph, ON”, “Is synthetic oil better?”, “Oil change service near me”, or something similar. If so, Bert’s Tire and Auto can help. Here’s what you need to know about vehicle fluid exchanges.

“Can I get a transmission fluid change near me in Guelph, Ontario?”

You can! Bert’s Tire and Auto is happy to provide transmission fluid changes to drivers in and around Guelph, Ontario. We can check your automatic transmission fluid, top it up, flush out your old transmission fluid, and exchange it for new transmission fluid. We can also service manual transmissions by topping up or replacing your manual transmission oil, motor oil, or hypoid gear oil.

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your transmission. It’s what lubricates and cools your transmission. Automatic transmission fluid should be neutral smelling and mostly translucent with a reddish (or sometimes greenish) hue. If it’s opaque or foul smelling, something is wrong, and your transmission needs to be inspected and a fluid exchange must be performed.

“Can I get oil change service near me in Guelph, Ontario?”

You can! Bert’s Tire and Auto is happy to provide oil change service to drivers in the Guelph area. We can inspect, top up, and exchange your engine’s oil as needed. We can also recommend if we think synthetic oil is better for your vehicle. Engine oil serves a similar purpose to transmission fluid. It cools and lubricates your engine.

“Can I get a brake fluid flush in Guelph, Ontario?”

You can! Bert’s Tire and Auto is happy to provide brake fluid exchanges in Guelph, Ontario. We can flush out all that old and dirty fluid from your brake line and replace it with high-quality fluid. If you’ve noticed your brakes have been weak lately, a brake fluid flush could be just what you needed.

“Can I get a power steering flush in Guelph, Ontario?”

You can! Bert’s Tire and Auto. . .well, you probably know what we’re going to say next. Hydraulic fluid is what allows your power steering to work. Without it, steering your vehicle is much more difficult.

But this fluid can become dirty and degraded. Bad power steering fluid can damage hoses, pumps, and steering gear seals. It’s wise to replace it as a matter of course every 80,000–120,000 kilometers. This will help keep your power steering in good condition.

Come to Bert’s Tire and Auto for all your fluid exchange needs in Guelph, ON

If you’re in the Guelph area of Ontario, come to Bert’s Tire and Auto for your fluid flush and maintenance needs. We can exchange all the fluids mentioned in this article.

To book an appointment for a fluid exchange at our Guelph shop, please click here. To learn more about automotive fluids, or about any of our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call 226-314-103

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