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Tire Storage in Elmira, ON

At Bert’s Auto & Tire we offer our clients seasonal tire storage! Living in Canada, most of us have multiple sets of tires to use during the different seasons. So while your winter tires are on your vehicle, leave your summer or all season tires with us through the winter months!  We have on site storage that offers secure tire storage for any season, featuring video surveillance for peace of mind storage.


Leaving your off season tires with us for storage is a win/win! You don’t have to worry about the hassle of bringing your tires home and storing them in your basement or garage. While at the same time, knowing that the professionals at Bert’s Auto & Tire will take care of your investment and properly store your tires until next season.

Our facility allows for proper tire storage, which helps extend the life of your tires. We offer indoor, secure storage that keeps tires cool, dry and out of the elements that can speed aging and effect on road performance.

To properly store your tires, give us a call at Bert’s Auto & Tire! We are happy to offer this service to clients, or even give some tips on proper tire storage. Contact us today!

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