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Vehicle AC Service and Repair Shop in Fergus, ON

Your great grandparents never had air conditioning in their cars, right? So, who cares if your car’s air conditioning system isn’t working? You can tough it out, no problem.

You might think that at first, but after a few sweaty rides, you’ll probably be searching, “Car air conditioning repair”, “What’s wrong with my car’s AC?”, “Auto AC repair near Fergus”, or something similar. If so, Bert’s Tire and Auto can help. Here’s what you should know about vehicle air conditioning repair.

Auto AC Service and Repair

“Can I find car air conditioning repair near me in Fergus, Ontario?”

Yes, you can find car AC repair in Fergus. Bert’s Tire and Auto can repair and service your vehicle’s air conditioner and get you feeling cool again. But why is it important to have a working AC in a car and how can technicians fix it?

Fixing your car’s air conditioning can do more than cool you down

How important is vehicle air conditioning, actually? This is Fergus, Ontario, after all, not Phoenix, Cairo, or Karachi. So, you don’t really need to repair that faltering AC in your car, do you?

You might feel that way if your AC breaks down in October. But next thing you know, you’re going on a road trip on Victoria Day weekend and the hot May sun is making you wish you had attended to your malfunctioning AC before now. That’s why you should bring your car into our Fergus garage as soon as you notice an issue with your air conditioning. We’ll fix it and get you feeling good in your own vehicle again.

Your car’s AC is not an island.

It’s important to note that everything in your vehicle is connected. Automobiles are complex machines full of interconnected components. A problem with your car’s air conditioner might not be isolated to your air conditioner at all.

That’s why it’s imperative to have expert technicians inspect your air conditioning system to ascertain just what’s going on. Our technicians will do what’s necessary to cool you down. That might mean evacuating the refrigerant, recharging the system according to factory specifications, or something else entirely.

Automotive AC Service Near Fergus, ON

Skilled technicians can inspect your air conditioning system and evaluate the situation when something goes wrong. The technicians at Bert’s Tire and Auto will inspect the refrigerant, recharge the system according to factory specifications, and perform any other necessary maintenance services to get your air conditioner functioning properly once again.

The technicians at Bert’s Tire and Auto can also perform any of the following tasks:

  • Check components for damage and leaks
  • Inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt
  • Check the air conditioning compressor
  • Evacuate the refrigerant from the system
  • Give the system a leak-down test
  • Recharge the system according to factory specifications

Come to Bert’s Tire and Auto for auto AC maintenance and repair in Fergus, ON

If you’re in the Fergus area of Ontario, come to Bert’s Tire and Auto when your car’s air conditioner is acting up. We can fix your vehicle’s AC system and resolve any underlying issues.

To book an appointment for automotive AC repair or maintenance service, please click here. To learn more about vehicular AC systems, or about any of our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call 226-314-1034

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