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Welcome to Bert’s Auto & Tire – A Reliable Automotive Repair Shop in Elora, Fergus, and Centre Wellington

Bert’s Auto & Tire is your one-stop destination for all your automotive needs in Elora & Fergus, ON. Our commitment extends to providing sound information about your vehicle’s condition and offering tailored repair and maintenance options. Our Certified Technicians are renowned for their expertise in a wide array of automotive services. From routine maintenance such as oil changes, fluid checks, and vehicle inspections to intricate repairs and diagnostics, we cater to all your vehicle needs with precision and care.

As a dedicated tire shop in Elora & Fergus, ON, we offer comprehensive tire services, including tire replacements, repairs, rotations, and wheel alignments. Our tire experts ensure your vehicle maintains optimal traction and performance on the road.

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Our Customer Reviews

This place is amazing. They do such a good job. Great people and very customer friendly. I love that they sent a detailed report with what needs to be fixed and what’s still ok with the car.

Mrs. King Jul 7, 2024

Another well done replacement on my vehicle. Good job guys. Thanks. I just took the van on a 22000 k holiday and it purred with no problem. Wouldn't have made it without the great work from Robs crew. Thanks guys!!!

cy Johnston May 5, 2024

July 2.. Well done, Bert's! >> My BMW warns that I need a full brake job. Has reduced power to the engine. An hour later, Bert's has done a full exam and confirms the brakes are fine. Resets the BMW software and the car runs perfectly again. Part 3. Battery in the BMW wans dying. Bert's got a new one in 15 minutes and 30 minutes later, it was done. AND they reprogrammed the car to recognize it, essential with BMW. Part 2: Went back with our 2011 Honda CRV for a full brake job, other repairs and a Safety Check. They ordered parts in advance so all the work was done the day I brought it in. Excellent communication from them. Am very satisfied with the work. The amount charged was fair for all of the work that was needed. Needed a full brake job for my BMW M series 235i. KW Dealer: $3000 Bert's did it for 2000 plus tax using aftermarket parts. Prompt, friendly service. They forgot to reset the "Service Required" feature so it was still giving a Brake warning; I noticed it right away and they sent Rick out to solve that. They have access to a computer that enables BMW Resets and some other features.

Peter Burian Dec 12, 2022

Great service!

Jennifer Thalen Jan 1, 2024

Last Sunday evening I was driving home on unfamiliar roads and my engine light came on. I was in panic mode. I made it home and the next morning I luckily found Berts Service Centre in Elora. I called and went to see them and a Diagnostic test was done by Kevin. Tuesday morning I dropped my car off and I was given a ride home by Bert (which has never happened before anywhere I have taken my car} while they did a complete Inspection. Kevin explained what was wrong and they proceeded to repair the car with my consent. I knew then how much it would cost. I know NOTHING about cars. The car was repaired by around three PM and to my surprise again Bert came and picked me up to get my car. I know they were busy and Keven made room for me the next day. I can't explain the relief I had as I need my car for work. Everyone was great, so kind and understanding. My car is now very happy and so am I. I will never go anywhere else as they did excellent work and I trust them completely. I thank them so much as I said I feel I am so lucky to have found them when I needed them. I would give them 10 stars if I could. I hope everyone there has a Happy Canada Day.

Heather Bois Jun 6, 2024

Great customer service, friendly staff, good prices, full report on vehicle every time I visit. I appreciate the availability of a loaner vehicle when I need to get to work. Thanks!

Sarah Gammie Jun 6, 2024

It is always a friendly and smooth experience. Thanks Kevin, Patricia and Team.

Vijay Sarma Dec 12, 2023

Excellent customer service with no pressure. Easy to use scheduling tool for the customer. Customer provided an update of recommendations electronically before work is started. Courtesy car available (pending availability) which is great as well.

carlos miranda Jul 7, 2023

Fantastic! Booked online a week before, dropped my vehicle off the night before and I had all new brakes put on my vehicle and 1pm that day they sent a driver to pick me up to to get it. It was a little pricey but worth it. They kept me informed all throughout and sent pictures... well done and thank you!

Paul Moorhead Jun 6, 2024

Take both my vechils to Bert's and they always do a wonderful job!

Chris Parsons Delivering eCommerce Jul 7, 2019

Bert’s has looked after our 2011 car (current mileage 260,000 km) for nine years, and has kept it in good and reliable condition. Bert’s is honest, straightforward, reasonably priced, and trustworthy. They deliver fully on their service promise.

Bill Farr Jun 6, 2024

Great service - highly recommended!

Lynn Watson Jun 6, 2024

Great people, good service and funny staff.

richard rivet Nov 11, 2019

Provided great service when my muffler unexpectedly fell apart!

David McGill Jun 6, 2023

Great service

Chris Rose Jun 6, 2024

First time to Bert's. New to area. Very happy to have found them. Good communication and speed. Convenient location too.

Letting the bear out Jun 6, 2024

The staff are friendly and approachable people who were thorough in the service of my car I'm happy to deal with Bert's

Marlene Holmes May 5, 2024

Great service! They do a full inspection and recommend any service they see. They aren’t pushy about it, and are happy to let you decide what you want to do according to their recommendation!

Brad Almeida May 5, 2024

Quick service, accommodating with one of their spare cars, would highly recommend

Zach Brouwer May 5, 2024

Transmission problems, solved ! They worked me into schedule and had me driving 🚗 again with a minimum of cost, just labor.

Alan Bobo May 5, 2024

Title: Outstanding Tesla Service Experience at Bert's Automotive! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review: I recently had my Tesla serviced at Bert's Automotive, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by pleasant gentlemen at the front counter who were incredibly courteous and helpful. Their professionalism immediately put me at ease. One thing that stood out during my visit was the excellent communication provided by the staff. Not only were they clear and concise in their verbal explanations of the service process, but they also followed up with written instructions and updates via text messaging. This level of communication made the entire service experience smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, Bert's Automotive proved to be a great place to have my Tesla serviced. Their expertise and attention to detail instilled confidence in me that my vehicle was in good hands. I left feeling reassured and satisfied, knowing that my car had received top-notch care. Overall, I highly recommend Bert's Automotive for anyone in need of Tesla service. Their friendly staff, excellent communication, and dedication to quality make them stand out as a premier destination for automotive maintenance.

D S May 5, 2024

The entire team was exceptional. Professional, explained everything, and price very reasonable!

Heather Gergovich May 5, 2024

As always first class service from Berts Auto, they keep you informed and they tell you exactly what took place and it’s a reasonable price

Joann Collett Aug 8, 2023

Highly recommend Bert's Auto & Tire. Great, friendly staff readily available to answer any questions! They do a wonderful job.

Kerissa Penninga May 5, 2024

Friendly service. Complete review and report on the overall condition of my 11 year old vehicle with priorities set for routine maintenance

Dave Oakman May 5, 2024

Great service!!!

Mavis Vet Dec 12, 2023

Very pleased with speedy and helpful advise about continued maintenance and care of my aging vehicle

Kathy Platt Apr 4, 2023

Fast and friendly service! Thank you for getting what needed done on my VE Atlas, it’s running great after the service!

Vanessa Cordes Apr 4, 2024

Fast, professional service.

Tom Humphrey Oct 10, 2023

I come to Elora on a regular basis to babysit my grandchildren. In early April my family noticed that I had a tire leak. Bert’s Service Centre kindly repaired the issue the next day. There ended up being an issue that the tire pressure warning light in my vehicle remained on. Bert’s promptly responded to my text messages and resolved the issue as soon as I was able to return the vehicle to them. They also completed other work that I requested plus an issue they noticed needed attention. I would definitely use their services again as they communicated quickly and thoroughly including photos. Great customer service through messaging and in person.

Judy Fedorko Apr 4, 2024

Great service, highly recommend!

Dustin Hutten Jul 7, 2023

Another unplanned car emergency. I am very appreciative of the loaner car Bert's gave me until they could squeeze my car in. Car is all fixed up. This is a very trustworthy garage.

K Olsen (KO) Aug 8, 2023

Great place to have your car serviced

Michael Durban Apr 4, 2024

Great service always! Very friendly professional staff.

Angela McFadden Mar 3, 2024

Kevin and staff gave great service as usual when I dropped my vehicle off for new tires installed this morning. I like that they offer the service to store my winter tires for me too! #1 in service!

Andrea Mannerow May 5, 2023

It's always a pleasure dealing with a business you can trust.

Linda Schenk Mar 3, 2024

Fast, professional, efficient. Thank you for your time and service. My headlights look now like brand new.

Hanna Kurek Mar 3, 2024

Always a pleasure dealing with Rob, Kevin and Jeff. They have a great quoting system that lets you know exactly what needs to be done with pictures to match. I highly recommend Berts Auto to anyone who asks. Thanks guys!

Scott Casselman Mar 3, 2024
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