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Computer Reflashing Service in Paris, ON

There are always advancements in technology these days, making electronics smarter than ever. Phones, computers, TV’s all becoming “smart” Also coming along are vehicles. Electronics and computers are a big component of new cars today, that help with engine performance, ignition timing, transmission shifting, and more!

What is Computer Reflashing?

As time goes on and you drive your vehicle kilometer after kilometer your vehicle may require a reflashing at some point. After 150,000 km or so your car engine may not perform the way it did brand new. This is an example of when you may want to have a reflashing service performed.

Reflashing can also be known as flashing, reprogramming or reconfiguring. Reflashing is the process of replacing existing software in a vehicle to update and upgrade the programming. We get information directly from the manufacture and can implement for clients as needed.

A reflash may be just what you need if experiencing technical issues. It would identify any bugs in the software and reset to enhance performance. At Bert’s Auto & Tire we have the technology and expertise to offer Automotive Computer Reflashing to keep your vehicle driving like new!

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